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Ron und Macha, Friedrichshain

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Ron „In all my school years, until 18 year old, we were asked to wear uniform everyday at school. I remember when I was 15, I found a shop in my city sells clothes with Japanese Harajuku style or Lolita. I fell in love with all the extreme colours and quirky, cute elements in every pieces. I had no money to buy most of them and anyway I had to wear uniform everyday, so I only took some accessories and started to put them around my uniform. Yes, of course, the teachers hate it very much. When I got into a very strict dance program in high school, we were asked to only wear black or „normal“ clothes, therefore I was forced to close my colourful closet. Until 2 years ago I moved to Berlin, somehow I slowly started to wear all the colours, fun stuff again. The spirit of this city encourages me to find the 15 year old me, the me that tried to scream out who I am among all the uniform and rules. I against all the fashionable/trendy clothes which says nothing but „looking good“. There is nothing called „good“, there is only who we are. Always make a statement for yourselves, even on the pattern of your socks.“

Macha: „I was always eccentric with my clothes, it´s in my family, but Berlin allows me to be really free with what I wear and still be safe in the streets. So for sure, I enjoy every bite of this freedom and turn into extra eccentric. I wear clothes that make me feel good, light or even funny. I have no interest in normality and do not care about what people think about me.“